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HREM Ultra


OHREM Ultra images High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy Samples up to 30mm. With different fluorescence channels available to the user, for a whole range of ideas and imaging opportunities.

The Ultra is a flagship model designed for the most demanding of situations. With the opportunity to image larger samples at high resolution and the imaging of denser tissue in 3D.

A custom designed scanning stage the Ultra provides imaging of sample fields of up to 60mm. With options such as sectioning and imaging up to 4 blocks in one section saving you dramatic overheads.

The Ultra is a second generation instrument with vast improvements over the first generation.


  • 20 megapixel output, more with stitching.

  • 2 position block holders.

  • XY Scanning stage for higher resolution montaging, multiple samples and larger FOV.

  • Samples up to 60mm x 60mm x 30mm.

  • 3 individual illumination channels.

  • Small blade and large blade compatible. (Each system comes with 3 small blades and 1 large blade)

  • Vacuum system for sample extraction.

  • PC setup with all software and drivers.

  • Wavelength correction.

  • 20 HREM chucks.

  • OHREM Acquire software for control.

  • 1 Emission filter wheel/slider 4 position.

  • Automated focus through software.

  • Joystick for XY/Focus control.

  • 1 Custom split moulds of the same size.

  • 1 Year free warranty.

  • Large window for viewing samples.

  • Webcam for remote viewing.

Add ons and extras

  • Wireless system controller.

  • Custom split moulds.

  • Adapt the imaging setup for more sensitivity or greater mega pixels.

  • Trigger outputs (IO) and delays.

  • Up to 8 illumination channels.

  • Increased Z height to up to 50mm.

  • A second illumination filter.

  • 1 or 4 position sample holders.

  • Custom sample holders for specific sizes.

  • Custom moulds for specific sizes.

  • Fixed compound setups.


Ultra OHREM systems can be used to image whole embryos and organs from mice, zebrafish, chickens and more. As well as imaging agricultural samples such as barley. The Ultra can be used to scan larger samples at higher resolutions.

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