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Macro Stand and Lens

Macro lens and stand for visualising samples away from the microscope at large fields.

Full Description

Macro stand and lens for viewing objects through existing cameras. A combination of a high quality zoomable lens fitted with adapting optics straight to a camera can provide fast viewing outside of a microscope.

The stands sit on any worktop easily with a varying range of zoom from a few millimetres up to 20-30mm. For imaging larger objects easily before in depth analysis.


  • Large field of view

  • Zoomable lens

  • Fits to any C-Mount camera and can be adapted for larger objects.

  • The stand can be fitted with illumination and grips.



Full Specification

  • Field of view up to 30mm

  • Fits easily to any c-mount camera

  • Can be fitted with optional extra illumination

  • Simple and inexpensive solution

  • Can be fitted with an automated XY stage

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