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Microscope Objective Heater

Okolab objective heating collar, universal to all microscope objectives with direct heating to the objective.

Full Description

Okolab objective heaters couple directly to the objective to allow for temperature stability even when submerged. Perfect for applications with oil the objective heater will allow your sample to remain stable in temperature even when the objective is submerged.

Okolab objective heaters fasten easily round any objective for both upright and inverted microscopes. Simply attach the band to the microscope and combine with any of the existing temperature controllers okolab have to offer.

Paired with specific controllers the objective collar can be used to perform calibration routines to accurately measure the temperature.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • A maximum output of 13 watts.

  • Simple heating band for objective compatiable with any microscope objective.

  • Compatible with Okolab temperature controllers.

Related Products

The okolab heated objective collar is compatible with the following temperature controllers:

  • UNO-T (All variants)

  • H401-T-PENNY



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