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Manual Gas Mixer

Manual gas mixers for adjusting gas supply to an incubation unit manually.

  • Mix CO2, O2 and air to an incubation unit.

  • Manually adjust each channel with a flow rate indicator.

  • Works well with stage top incubators, for simple gas control.

Full Description

Okolab manual gas mixers provide manual control of input gasses to one desired output. Connect the gas mixer to an existing source and use the controls on the front to adjust the flow, featuring ball flow meters to indicate the current flow rate of the gas supply at the output.

Manual mixers come equipped for adjusting Air and CO2 with the option for controlling O2. Each channel can be independently controlled.

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The mixer comes in 3 Main models:




2GF-MIXER: Mixes AIR with 100% CO2

CO2 range: 0-15%; accuracy ±1%

3GF-MIXER-HYPOXIA: Mixes Air, CO2, and O2

CO2 range: 0-15%; accuracy ±1%

O2 range: 2-20%; accuracy ±1%

3GF-MIXER-HYPEROXIA: Mixes Air, CO2, and O2

CO2 range: 0-15%; accuracy ±1%

O2 range: 40-85%; accuracy ±1%

  • Filtering Device: PTFE membrane with 0.2 mm pores

  • Compatibility: Compatible with OKO-AP if compressed air is not available

  • Humidity Control: Add Vibration Free Humidity Module

  • Floating ball flow meters

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