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Glass Heated Microscope Stage Insert

Heated microscope stage for inserting into any major brand microscope, with ITO heated glass up to 60 degrees Celsius from ambient.

  • Up to 60 degrees heating directly at the sample.

  • ITO Transparent glass.

  • Lightweight design with simple closed loop controllers for monitoring and closed loop control.

Full Description

Okolab heated microscope stage inserts provide an easy, yet effective way to control temperature directly on the stage top. The heated stage inserts provide an alternative to bulky hardware that may be unnecessary for the application as well as more expensive.

The heated glass inserts for microscopes are simply placed into an existing stage slot and heated up to a desired temperature using an Okolab controller (such as the T-Penny or T-Controller). Temperature of the insert is fed back to the controller via a sensor mounted on the plate for precise control at the sample.

Heated inserts provide controlled surface with an ITO glass plate. The ITO glass plate is the perfect platform for imaging through to the sample. Designed for applications that do not require a closed chamber but do require a temperature monitored environment up to 45 degrees C.

There is a wide range of compatibility with existing microscopes, each insert is designed to specifically for the brand and model, from all major microscope manufacturers.


  • Converts any standard major brand microscope stage into a heated stage with a simple insert. 

  • ITO glass for uniform heating.

  • Up to 60 degrees heating from ambient with closed loop sensors.

  • Varying dimensions based on brand.

Related Products

Microscope stage inserts are paired with a controller such as:

  • T-Penny

  • T-Controller

These controllers provide a closed loop measurement and control of the plate. Some models require the T-Controller please contact us for more information.

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