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T-Controller (H401-T-Controller) Temperature Controller

T-Controller is a dual channel temperature controller of H401 devices, with a touchscreen display. This temperature control allows for data logging via USB.

  • Temperature controller for closed loop feedback control of Okolab devices, up to 2 channels.

  • Data logging of temperature directly to a USB stick.

  • For use with objective heaters, glass tables and plates as well as heated pads.

Full Description

T-Controller two channel controller compatible with all H401 heating devices for heating and controlling 2 individual heating elements. This is controlled via a 4.3 inch touch screen interface and an accuracy.

The H401 T Controller is capable of controlling two channels at a resolution of 0.1 degrees for stability of samples. With both channels capable of up to 60 watts.

Temperature sensor log data straight to the onboard memory which can be downloaded via the USB port to a memory stick.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius

  • Temperature range: ambient to 60 degrees C

  • Maximum output: 60 watts

  • Channels: Two temperature channels

  • Data logging available through on-board memory, USB download

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Glass plates

Glass plates can be controlled directly from the T-Controller, these plates can. Be used on upright, inverted and stereo systems. View glass plate.

Glass tables

Combine the T-Controller controller with a glass table, this nest solution combines the straight forward T-Controller with the heated suspended glass table.

Objective heater

Objective heater

T-Controllers can be directly coupled with the Objective Heater, a flexible band round the microscope. This universal solution can create a simplistic and cost-effective solution to heating objectives.

Metal heating pad (T-Pad)

Keep petri-dishes and slides at stable temperatures with the metal heating pad combined with the T-Controller. For a lightweight, worktop solution for your samples to be maintenance at a stable temperature.

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