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Axiolab 5

Full Description

Zeiss Axiolab 5 for smart routine microscopy. Featuring time saving methods:

  • Light manager, adjust illumination intensity per objective. The intensity of the light source is then stored and changed when rotating the nose piece.

  • Capture buttons, with dedicated features for Axiocam microscope cameras. Control a camera directly from the microscope and image with a HDMI camera.

Axiolab microscopes can be configured for a range of setups. Including objectives from 2.5x to 40x, via the 5 position encoded nose piece.


  • Automatic scaling when paired with Axiocam and Zen.

  • No requirement for a PC or software.

  • Automatic standby after 15 minutes of idle (optional).

  • Manual 5 position encoded nose piece.

  • 2.5x up to 40x objectives.

  • Light manager featuring automatic light intensity per objective.


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