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Axioscope 5

Full Description

The Zeiss Axioscope upright microscope can be used in both industrial and research applications with a variety of features. The Axioscope provides not only the high quality from Zeiss you would expect, but modern day features such as light manager and smart documentation that streamlined any workflow.

Pair the Zeiss Axioscope with a HDMI colour or monochrome camera for use of the system without any PC. Capture images direct from the microscope.

The Axioscope is an excellent fluorescence microscope with not only optical brilliance in objectives but in illumination. The Colibri 3 illumination provides easy to use fluorescence with a simple button.

Axioscope microscopes can be fitted with large mounts for industry for viewing larger/taller samples as well as the traditional stands.


  • Upright microscope.

  • Smart microscopy with simple to use one click cameras.

  • Capture fluorescence with the Colibri light source and get automated switching.

  • Light manager for easy control of illumination sources.

  • Options such as polarisation.

  • Different stands for industrial applications.

  • Compatible with a range of high quality Zeiss objectives.

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