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Full Description

The Zeiss Inverted Primovert Microscope is an easy, compact solution to imaging with an inverted setup. Designed with adding to help increase workflow and use-ability, while preserving the quality of Zeiss microscopes.

Designed to be an all in one solution the Primovert comes bundled with modern technology solutions such as:

  • Integrated microscope cameras

With integrated cameras imaging is streamlined, capturing images can be done at a push of a button and allows for the microscope itself to be much more compact.

  • iPad Control

Use an IPad to see the captured data with lab scope, show colleagues direct from the IPad that can be removed at any time. Charge the IPad direct from the system.

  • Auto light control

The primovert can detect use and will turn off the light source after 15 minutes. This feature can be turned off.

  • Simple switch between phase and fluorescence contrast

Switch between contrast modes with a simple toggle switch, this will setup the microscope and leave you ready to go.


  • Compact inverted microscope

  • Easy switch between fluorescence contrast to phase contrast

  • Integrated LED fluorescence

  • Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes

  • Integrated camera

  • Use an IPad with lab scope

  • 4-40x magnification

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