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Multi-Channel Imaging of Whole Resin Mounted Samples

Image whole mounted resin samples in JB4 or Technovit with Optical HREM systems. These systems can be used to section and simultaneously image samples.

Multi Channel Optical HREM

Despite the name this method uses positive fluorescence to image whole samples. Each section is imaged with all the required combinations of excitation and emission. The instrument can perform a whole range of combinations, often the limitations come in overwhelming positive fluorescence but often this can be experimented with. Mult fluorescence can be depicted in experiment such as this article from UCL (Claire Walsh, Natalie A. Holroyd, Eoin Finnerty, Sean G. Ryan, Paul W. Sweeney, Rebecca J. Shipley, Simon Walker-Samuel).

Performing Multi Channel on Optical HREM

The Ultra is the only system compatible with multi-channel as it can use filters, illumination setups and dichroic to image and excite different wavelengths. It can also perform standard HREM.

The Ultra has many other benefits such as:

  • Scanning of the sample up to 80mm or to increase resolution.

  • Compound or zoom optics available.

  • Wavelength alteration for focus changing.

  • Individually controllable illumination channels Up to 8.

HREM Ultra Serial Block Face Imaging

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