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Resin Chuck for Mounted Samples


Create High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy Samples easily with sample bases. These sample bases are designed to be used with OHREM instruments, comprising of bondable plastic, fit directly into the holder.

The design features grooves which help with adhesion to the surface. This also allows the lesion during cutting to create a stronger structure.

Custom sample bases can be made for specific applications based on any design, contact us to learn more.


  • 25 mm bases for HREM samples.

  • Deep grooves for sectioning.

  • Bond to JB-4 with use of split moulds easily.

Add ons and extras

  • Different sizes and grooves can be made upon request.


These bases are often used with OHREM instruments and can be used for any sample. For larger chucks please contact us.


For a price or more details please use the form below.

Thank You!

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