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Jenoptik Gryphax Software

Jenoptik Gryphax is jenoptiks software suite for the GRYPHAX microscope camera range. The software is bundled with high quality features that allow processing of images beyond the conventional software package.

User friendly functions

  • Automatic exposure, gain control for easy brightness control

  • Many output formats and extensions for a range of applications

  • Image comparison with a side by side feature

  • Video recording and slow motion modes


  • Exposure tool

  • Timelapse

  • Image analysis (measurement, counting etc)

  • Monochrome mode (for colour cameras)

  • Histogram

  • FX

  • Colour tool

Perfect for contrast techniques

  • Darkfield

  • Bright field

  • Differential interference contrast

  • Polarization

  • Fluorescence microscopy

A key feature of Jenoptik cameras is they use a simple universal USB 3.0 interface that connects to either a Mac, Windows or Linux system. Not to mention you can make use of the SDK written in C++ and Python.

Jenoptik Gryphax Camera Software


Panorama without a scanning stage for high resolution images with just a microscope stage,

Easy to use

Gryphax is easy to use with its simple drop down full of features. 

Z Focus Stacking

Use Z Focus stacking to help achieve much greater depths of focus with just one function,

Cross Platform

GRYPHAX works with Linux, Mac and windows giving you vast choice. As well as a C++ SDK.


Get reliable measurements using just a few clicks. With multiple objectives.


Combine multiple channels to create fluorescence images easily.

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