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Flourescence Microscope Camera Sensor Up Close

Fluorescence Microscope Cameras

Fluorescence microscope cameras require a sensitive sensor which can capture images in lower lighting conditions and cope with rapid changes. Here we have laid out some examples of cameras that are good for fluorescence applications.

  • Larger Pixel Sizes

  • Higher Sensitivity

  • Large formats for single capture

Colour Fluorescence Microscope Cameras

Monochrome Fluorescence Microscope Cameras

Jenoptik Polaris Fluorescence Microscope Camera

High Sensitivity, large pixel size - Jenoptik Polaris 

The Polaris is a go to fluorescence microscope camera featuring a 1/1.2 inch sensor and a pixel size of 7.2 microns. The Polaris microscope camera will meet most demanding fluorescence applications.

  • High quantum efficiency of 0.73

  • Sensitive 1/1.2 inch Sony CMOS sensor 

  • Monochrome digital microscope camera 

  • No external power or cooling required 

Jeneoptik Rigel Fluorescence Microscope Camera

Good all rounder - Jenoptik Rigel 

Good all rounder - Jenoptik Rigel 

Jenoptik Rigel works well as a fluorescence microscope camera, with a slightly smaller 5.86 micron pixel size the Rigel comes in a little less costly compared to the Polaris.

  • Quantum efficiency of 0.66

  • 1/1.2 inch Sony CMOS sensor 

  • 2.3 megapixel 

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