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Cryo Static Water Bath (H101-CRYO-BL)

Water cooling bath for both heating and cooling a sample via water, paired with the water jacket chamber.

Full Description

This water bath that can go 10-15°C below ambient room temperature, this bath can be used in cycles via the oko-touch. The water bath systems come with a feedback sensor; this feedback sensor is placed at the reference inside the jacket.

A feedback sensor can be placed inside the water jacket chamber to make the closed loop system adjustable to the chamber. Alternatively, the sensor can be placed inside a well to get a reference temperature of the sample.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Temperature range: 10/15°C BELOW Room Temperature to 60°C

  • Sensor accuracy ± 0.1°C in sample feedback mode

  • Temperature maintaining fluctuations: 0.1 °C

Related Products

H101 CRYO BL pairs with the water jacket chamber, the water jacket chamber allows for stable cooling and heating of samples. Water is pumped through the jacket and the sample is heated/cooled directly at the lid and base of the water jacket. While the water bath system cools or heats the sample, the sample temperature is directly monitored and adjusted.


Pair the cryostatic bath with a control system such as the oko-touch. This control unit is designed to work with the water bath and provide visuals to aid experiment setup. The oko-touch can be used to set up cycles.

Active Humidifiers and Gas Control:

Pair the H101 Cryostatic bath with active humidifiers and gas control, all can be controlled via the oil-touch.

Objective heater:

Objective heaters can be used to decrease offset temperatures caused by the microscope objective when submerged in oil. The objective collar series is compatible with this set up.

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