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OKO-Touch System Controller

Oko-touch for control of Okolab equipment via a user-friendly UI.

Full Description

Oko touch connects to boldline controllers to provide control and cycling of individual products, this is done through the simplistic touchscreen UI interface.

When devices are connected to the oko-touch the screen updates to display the correct parameters and control. Such as flow rate and temperature, these parameters can then be cycled or adjusted manually.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Interface: Intuitive touch screen

  • Compatibility: Connects to any Bold Line Controller

  • Equipment Handling: Auto-detects and displays functions

  • Memory: On-board for data logging

  • Data Access: Mini-USB port for download

  • Logging Options: SMART-BOX, DATA-LOG Okolab, Third-party Imaging software

  • Control: Turn on/off, set points, flow rates, gas and temp cycles

  • Feedback: Sample/chamber modes

  • Configuration: Chamber model, plate adapter

  • Display: Set points, measured parameters

  • Calibration: Self-calibration procedures

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