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Axio Observer

Full Description

Zeiss Axio Observer is the flagship inverted microscope from Zeiss. Designed to meet the most demanding of tasks required from an inverted microscope.

The Axio observer can be configured with a variety of addons and features. This includes:

  • Focus adaptive objectives. Use the Autocorr objectives for focusing easily beyond the coverslip.

  • Incubation systems live cell imaging.

  • A variety of light source configurations for fluorescence imaging or simply observation.

  • Smart technology with ZEN software and Axiocam microscope cameras.


  • White light source, as well a fluorescence illumination.

  • Compatible with autocorr objectives, for software optics control.

  • Hands free water immersion objectives.

  • Dual camera configurations.

  • Automation and control with Zen software with AI features.

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