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HREM Basics

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) Guide and Basics

What Equipment is Needed?

HREM can be performed on our Micro or Ultra systems, they come ready made to image 3D samples with lots of extras and options.

Optical HREM Micro

Optical HREM micro system is a straightforward system ideal for small user groups. Perfect for a lower budget 3D imaging system for bioscience (compared to techniques of similar resolution).

Optical HREM Micro System

Optical HREM Ultra

Optical HREM Ultra is the flagship model, with customisable features, designed for imaging labs and advanced users. Featuring and XY stage, larger platform and up to 4 samples in one run.

Optical HREM Ultra 3D Block Face Imaging System

Learn More

To learn more about HREM volume imaging or for information on models and features have a look at our dedicated HREM page.

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