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Split Mould for Embedded Samples


These split moulds are used for High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) samples as they offer benefits over traditional moulds.

  • They are heat resistant, with a high temperature property, they withstand even the most demanding thermal re-actions.

  • Re-usable, unlike traditional moulds that will wear over time these moulds are designed to be used for a long term.

  • Customisable, each moulds is made to order with a size to fit.

  • Most importantly, they split. This allows for taller blocks to be made as they can be easily extracted from the mould.


  • 25mm Split mould for HREM chucks.

  • Easy to clean and will not bond to JB-4 material.

  • Re-usable.

  • Custom made to specific sizes.

Add ons and extras



These are used for HREM samples of all sizes, for JB-4, technovit and most mediums.


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