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Jenoptik Gryphax Altair microscope camera for education imaging. The Jenoptik Altair is the perfect tool for a teaching microscope or an AV lab, one of the highest quality, colour, teaching cameras available with a 1/1.75” sensor and high resolution 12 megapixel imaging.

Full Description

Jenoptik Altair Gryphax Camera for education, with a 1/1.75-inch, 12-megapixel,  Sony back illuminated sensor for visualising samples on any microscope old or new.

With a resolution of up to 12 megapixels, the Altair’s images can be displayed on larger monitors or projectors. With resolutions of:

  • 1000 x 750 (0.75 megapixels @ 20fps)

  • 2000 x 1500 (3 megapixels @ 20fps)

  • 4000 x 3000 (12 megapixels @ 20fps)

Enjoy cost-efficient imaging with all the benefits of a more expensive microscope camera. Such as Gryphax software, as well as the streamlined processing for high quality images such as HDR.


  • Fast 1/1.75-inch Sony CMOS sensor.

  • 12 Megapixel shot images for larger monitors and projectors.

  • High quality and robust for teaching, research and industry.

  • USB 3.0 Interface.

  • C-Mount microscope camera interface, compatible with most, if not all microscopes.

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Jenoptik Altair microscope camera comes in a tough aluminium frame, this case is solid unlike other cameras and can help increase the longevity of the camera. With a photocoupler trigger out for non-interference output for TTL signals. 

Each camera has the same case and appearance, with a common C-Mount adapter to connect. Each camera uses a high throughput USB 3.0 interface, this ensures both flexibility and interface longevity.


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Full Specification

Image Sensor Specifications:

  • SONY back-illuminated CMOS 1/1.75"

  • Sensor Diagonal: 9.3 mm

  • Pixel Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.85 µm

  • Color

  • Rolling Shutter

Camera Specifications:

  • Camera Resolution & Speed (LIVE mode): 

1000 x 750 pixels at 20 fps

2000 x 1500 pixels at 20 fps

  • Camera Resolution (RECORD mode): 

1000 x 750 pixels, 0.75 MPix

2000 x 1500 pixels, 3 MPix

4000 x 3000 pixels, 12 MPix

  • Camera Resolution & Speed (VIDEO mode): 

2000 x 1500 pixels up to 20 fps

  • Camera Resolution & Speed (SLOW MOTION mode): 

2000 x 1500 pixels up to 20 fps

  • Exposure Time (LIVE mode): 52 µs - 1s

  • Exposure Time (RECORD mode): 52 µs - 15s

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Personal Computer: Intel i7 Quad-Core (min. 3.0 GHz) processor or comparable | 8 GB RAM (dual-channel)

  • Operating System: 64-bit Win 10 (build 1903 or newer) | macOS Catalina / Big Sur | Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  • USB 3.0 integrated, no extra power supply needed

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