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Axio Zoom V.16

Full Description

The Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 is an automated zoom microscope featuring many options and add ons to improve image quality such as:

  • Structured illumination with the Apotome for removal of out of focus information

  • Automated zoom with a motorised diaphragm for varying levels of control based on your desired images

  • Multiple objectives for varying fields

The V16 achieves up to 16x zoom on samples with a maximum numerical aperture of 0.25. Along with many forms of illumination to meet your needs.

Applications for this microscope are vast, from highly detailed fluorescence biological imaging to industrial imaging. Thanks to the easy to use fast setup features, paired with the highly detailed imaging this microscope fits most zoom microscope requirements.


  • 16x zoom

  • Numerical aperture of 0.25

  • Bright field, dark field, oblique illumination

  • Modular with adding such as structured light details

  • Range of objectives


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