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Axiovert 5

Full Description

Zeiss Axiovert 5 is a robust, routine lab inverted microscope. With new features to make using an inverted microscope even easier:

  • Encoded Turret

An encoded turret allows for the use of the objectives to be calibrated and saved meaning, when the objective is changed the measurement will be updated to the image.

  • Light manger

Light manager allows for easy control of the illumination of the system with stored values for each objective.

  • Easy data storage

With no need for a PC, this inverted microscope can be used in the most compact of situations. Data can be stored directly to a USB drive.

A range of contrast methods can be performed with the Axiovert 5 including:

  • BF

  • PH

  • PlasDIC

  • DIC

  • iHMC

  • POL


  • Light manager

  • Save direct to a USB with smart features, requiring no PC

  • 1.25x to 100x objective magnification

  • 23mm Maximum field of view

  • Automated control and image capture via ZEN software

  • Liquid protection for objectives


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