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Heated Plate (T-Pad)

A simple metal plate that can placed on a workbench for control of a sample temperature.

Full Description

The T-PAD comes in three sizes:

  • 174x234 mm H401-T-PAD-SMALL

  • 297x210 mm (A4) H401-T-PAD-MEDIUM

  • 420x300 mm (A3) H401-T-PAD-LARGE

Controllable with simple temperature monitors for handling samples between 27°C and 45°C.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Temperature range: 27 °C to 45 °C

  • Sensor accuracy: 0.1 °C

  • Temperature variance limit: 1 °C

Related Products

Pair the T-PAD directly with the T-PENNY single channel in-line controller or to the H401-T-CONTROLLER for lots of options and upgrades in the future.

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