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T-Penny (H401-T-Penny) Temperature Controller

Single channel temperature controller for glass tables, objective heaters, metal heating pads, glass plates and more. Controlled through a simple in line pod.

Full Description

Okolab T Penny single channel temperature controller that is compatible with all OKOLab heating devices including the H401 Glass Table. 

With an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius, temperature regulation is efficient and reliable. Simple buttons and a straightforward display for temperature control.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • A controller resolution of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

  • Temperature range if ambient to 60 degrees C.

  • Maximum output of 60 watts.

  • One temperature channel.

Related Products

The T-Penny can be used to control any H401 device through its single channel.

Glass plates

Glass plates can be controlled directly from the T-Penny, these plates can. Be used on upright, inverted and stereo systems. View glass plate.

Glass tables

Combine the T-Penny controller with a glass table, this nest solution combines the straight forward T-Penny with the heated suspended glass table.

Objective heater

T-Pennys can be directly coupled with the Objective Heater, a flexible band round the microscope. This universal solution can create a simplistic and cost-effective solution to heating objectives.

Metal heating pad (T-Pad)

Keep petri-dishes and slides at stable temperatures with the metal heating pad combined with the T-Penny. For a lightweight, worktop solution for your samples to be maintenance at a stable temperature.

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