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Product Overview

pE 4000 has the most individual controllable channels of the whole Coolled series, with 16 selectable channels covering the wavelength range 365 to 770 nm.

The Coolled pE4000 comes standard with a controller that allows for individual selection of channels and intensity. A USB can also be connected to the unit to control the illumination system virtually through software and coolleds standalone software.

Along with the basic methods of control, the pE 4000 also can be controlled through TTL with an expansion box. This expansion box has BNC connectors for each channel as well as a global shutter, this can be used to control the device without using software or the controller.

The Coolled pE 4000 is connected to a new or existing system through a liquid light guide. This is then adapted to your system with the correct fittings, which can be supplied with your purchase.


  • Wavelength (nm): 365 to 770nm

  • Mounting Style: Light Guide

  • Interface: Control Box, TTL,USB

  • Controllable Channels: 16

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