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Product Overview

pE 400 features 4 powerful LED channels covering the wavelength range of 365nm to 635nm, covering both dapi, YFP and cy5. This 4-channel illumination system is an ideal replacement for existing white light sources, for any user wishing to make the transition from traditional white light sources to LED.

The Coolled pE 400 is controlled by a simple control box, which allows you to control the overall intensity. As well as a global TTL shutter.

The Coolled pE 400 comes in two variants. The first variant, standard pE 400, is a single channel style illuminator which performs like a traditional white light source. With one control on the control box for overall intensity and an on/off button.

The second variant is the pE 400 max with 4 individually controllable channels across the spectrum. This allows the user to control different peaks across the wavelength and intensity of each individual LED channel.

These models can be easily connected to an existing or new setup via direct coupling or a liquid light guide.


  • Wavelength (nm): 365 to 635nm

  • Mounting Style: Light Guide

  • Interface: Control Box,USB, TTL

  • Controllable Channels: 1(pE-400), 4(pE-400Max)

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