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Product Overview

pT 100 is an illuminator specialised for transmitted light such as bright-field, dark field and phase contrast. The Coolled pT 100 split into four variants the pT100WHT, pT100525, pT100635, pT100770.

pT 100 WHT

Is a single output white light illumination source, used to replicate that of a halogen bulb based system.

pT 100525, pT 100635, pT 100770

The following variants are associated with their wavelength peak at 525nm, 635nm, 770nm.

All variants are able to be attached directly to the illumination port or through a liquid light guide.


  • Wavelength (nm): 525 to 770nm

  • Mounting Style: Light Guide or Direct Mounting

  • Interface: Control Box, TTL

  • Controllable Channels: 1

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