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Product Overview

Coolled pE 300 microscope illumination comes in 3 standard variants, each having a similar body and can be either mounted directly to the microscope system or attached with a liquid light guide.

The 3 variants comprise of pE 300lite, pE 300white and the pE 300ultra.

pE 300 Lite

pE300lite, a simple yet effective light source for straightforward, cost-effective imaging with fluorescence such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC and CY5. This unit cannot be controlled via USB or TTL but can be controlled through a desktop controller.

pE 300 White

pE 300white is a single output light source that produces white light across a broad spectrum. With a simple button interface for control, USB control for intensity and TTL control for global on/off function.

pE 300 Ultra

pE 300ultra allows control of 3 channels via USB TTL or the desktop controller. With pre-installed filters, imaging with different bands is easily done. No filter wheel required.


  • Mounting Style: Light Guide or Direct Coupling

  • Interface: Control Box,USB(White and Max), TTL

  • (pE-300white and pE-300ultra)

  • Controllable Channels: 1(pE-300White), 4(pE-300ultra & pE-300lite)

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