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Heated Glass Table (H401 Glass Table)

Glass table with heating elements, designed for use with stereo microscopes.

Full Description

Okolab Heated Table, comprised of a heated plate seated on 4 adjustable feet, adjustable from 31-37mm up to 75-105mm. The height of the glass plate can be adapted to nearly all available stereo microscopes.

Each table is heated at the 2mm glass plate from ambient up to 60°C. Controlled directly from an adjustable controller such as the T-Penny .

Categories: Temperature Control, Live Cell Imaging,Okolab Products


  • Temperature range: Ambient to 60°C

  • Sensor accuracy: 0.1 °C

  • Adjustable Height: 31-37mm, 75-105mm

Related Products

Okolabs glass table can be used with two controllers, the H401-T-PENNY and the H401-T-CONTROLLER .

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