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HDMI Microscope Camera

HDMI Microscope Cameras

HDMI Microscope Camera systems utilise a camera with a direct output from the camera to a HDMI interface. This interface can then be plugged directly into AV systems for a direct, live feed image.

Axiocam 208 Colour

Axiocam 208 Colour is a HDMI microscope camera with a 1/ 2.1” chip. The 8.3 megapixel camera can be connected directly to projectors/TV Monitors and any device with a HDMI input.

HDMI Microscope Axiocam 208 Color Camera
HDMI Microscope Axiocam 203 Mono Camera

Axiocam 202 Mono

Axiocam 202 mono HDMI microscope camera for 2-megapixel image capture. Featuring a 1/ 1.23” sensor this camera can connect to any HDMI port.

Benefits of HDMI Microscope Cameras

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