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Full Description

The Discovery V20 is a flexible stereo microscope, featuring a modular design for interchangeable lenses, stands, microscope cameras and levels of automation.

V.20 microscopes are capable of producing a high 1000 LP/mm resolution while also magnifying a sample up to 345x. While retaining the ability to see wider fields at 4.3x magnification.

Designed with usability in mind the V20 offers levels of automation to make users workflow simpler. With a controller SyCop, where through a CAN-bus all vital microscope features (zoom, focus etc) can be controlled via this easy to use desktop controller.


  • 20:1 zoom ratio

  • 1000 LP/mm resolution

  • 4.3x - 345x magnification

  • Easy to use automation with a desktop controller with a joystick and touchscreen


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