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Colibri 5

Product Overview

Zeiss Colibri 5 is an LED light source designed for illumination of samples in a simple 4 channel configuration. Comprising of Red, Green, Blue and UV channels for performing routine fluorescence applications.

Colibri comes equipped with monitoring functions to ensure reliable and repeatable illumination. Featuring on board temperature sensors for each illumination channel for ensuring precise power output of the channel.


  • LED Excitation with in built fillers for specific excitation for fluorescent labels.

  • Compatible with Axioscope, Axio Imager, Axio Examiner, Axio Observer, Axioscan, Axio Vert.A1

  • Lines available: UV/385/30 nm, B/469/38 nm, G/555/30 nm, R/631/33 nm

  • Configuration comes with RGB and UV lines as above.

  • Manual control panel for independent control of the source.

  • LED trigger box for external trigger of the source.

  • Controllable from 0-100% in steps linearly.

  • 15000 Guarantee per LED line

  • Directly coupled to microscope

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