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Colibri 7

Product Overview

Zeiss Colibri 7 features up to 7 LED lines covering a wide range of dyes for demanding fluorescence applications. This illuminator is configurable to run with plenty of options with 5 combinations of LED Channels:

  • RGB-UV

  • RYB-UV

  • R[G/Y]B-UV

  • R[G/Y]CBV-UV

  • FR-R[G/Y]BV-UV

Colibri 7 offers a robust and reliable method of viewing fluorescence and visual observation. Designed for repeatable results the Colibri 7 features technology to ensure constant power output.

Excitation filters can be internally switched via a motorised filter integrated into the Colibri 7. Excitation filters for the illumination source should be be matched accordingly.


  • Compatible with Axioscope, Axio Imager, Axio Examiner, Axio Observer, Axioscan, Axio Vert.A1

  • Lines available(Line, Wavelength, Bandwidth): UV/385/30 nm, V/423/44 nm,  B/469/38 nm, C/511/44 nm, G/555/30 nm, Y/590/27 nm, R/631/33 nm, FR/735/40nm

  • Configuration’s available: RGB-UV, RYB-UV, R[G/Y]B-UV, R[G/Y]CBV-UV, FR-R[G/Y]BV-UV

  • Manual control panel for independent control of the source

  • LED trigger box for external trigger of the source

  • Controllable from 0-100% in steps linearly

  • 15000 Guarantee per LED line

  • Directly coupled to the microscope

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