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Axiocam 105 Colour

Zeiss Axiocam 105 microscope camera for imaging up to 5 mega-pixels.

Full Description

Zeiss Axiocam 105 CMOS camera for imaging 5 mega-pixel images with 8 bit depth. High resolution images with 2.2-micron pixel sizes.

This camera is ideal for a cost-effective quality solution for routine microscopy. The Axiocam 105 Color can also be a perfect camera for fluorescence microscopy, to use as a second colour viewing camera to supplement an expensive colour camera.

This camera can also be used for industrial applications as well as forensics imaging. This small cost efficient camera can give long term reliable results delivered through a USB 3.0 interface.

Axiocam 105 Color cameras can be purchased through the e-shop in the UK.

Keywords: Colour Microscope Camera


Axiocam 105 colour connects directly to a USB 3.0 interface.


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