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Water Jacket Incubator (H101)

Water jacket chamber, incubation of samples under highly stable conditions with a water bath.

Full Description

Water Jacket Incubator for high performance sample stability through running water baths. The chamber connects to a water bath system where the temperature is regulated up to 60°C, some variations going down to 10/15°C below ambient.

Connectors from the bath join onto the chamber at the side of the unit at the perfusion holes. This inlet is then circulated round the base and top of the water jacket chamber, above and below the sample.

The sample inserts are magnetic and can be adapted to allow for Petri dishes, slides and MW plates. A temperature sensor can be directly placed into the incubator for sample temperature regulation.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Circulating water system for stability of 0.1 °C

  • Magnetic connectors for sample

  • Both bottom and top lid water circulation

Related Products

Heated baths

The H101 water jacket chamber is coupled with a water bath, available models include the H101-BASIC-BL for heating only, up to 60°C. The H101-CRYO-BL for both cooling and heating the sample from 10/15°C below ambient up to 60 °C.

CO2/O2 Controllers

Pair the water jacket chamber with a gas control module operated through the okotouch. Okolab as gas controllers are capable of automated flow rates with the okotouch system.

Humidifiers – Bubbling Column(H101-BC)

Active humidifiers are used with the CO2/O2 system achieved by immersion of the bubbling column in a water bath with a pre-heating column.

Product Code

H101 (Product code dependent on microscope configuration)


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