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Microscope Cage Incubator
Microscope Cage Incubator
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Microscope Cage Incubator Microscope Cage Incubator Microscope Cage Incubator Microscope Cage Incubator
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Large volume microscope incubator with local CO2/O2 climate chamber
  • Temperature range: ambient to 45°C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C
  • CO2/O2 accuracy: 0.1% 
  • Models for any inverted / upright microscope
  • Heated through recirculating, filtered air
  • Active Humidity Control
  • Quick dismounting with turn-to-open hinges.
  • Attacheable black panels for imaging in dark environment
  • Interchangeable specimen holders
  • Web operation through Smart Box 
  • SDK available for integration in third party software
The Bold Line Cage Incubator maintains all the required environmental conditions for cell culture all around the microscopy workstation, thus enabling to carry out prolonged observations on biological specimens and allowing at the same time enough space for other equipment. It comprises the following equipment:
Microscope enclosure: Lexan enclosure. Easy to set up and dismount. 
T Unit: It controls sample temperature by blowing warm air into the enclosure.  
Climate chamber: small top stage chamber for gas conditioning and humidity control.
CO2 / O2 Unit: individual or dual controllers.
OKO-Touch: it ensures easy operation of the system.  
Smart Box: it stores the data and connects to the Internet for remote operation / monitoring of the system.